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韓国行った!I did the thing (Namsam). Korea Trip 17/01/2013 - 29/01/2013 (6)

random things from Seoul.

Super Junior Fried Chickenz (Suuuper Expensive btw)

Korean karaoke (noraebang?) with people from the hostel. This is one of the reasons why I love staying at hostels and sharing rooms with at least 5 strangers. You make friends to hang out with through-out your holiday. We even dragged out one of the members of staff. Much Soju was drank (a running theme haha).

One night we met with my friend’s Korean friend and gorged ourselves on makgeolli (マッコリ) which I definitely prefer over soju. The friend of the Korean friend came and we all got rather jolly. At some point we were coerced into ordering in Korean which the staff found hilarious.

So I did a lot of sightseeing by myself which I was fine with because then there are no people to argue with etc but going to a place like N Seoul Tower (formerly known as Namsam Tower) is utterly depressing. I wanted to see Seoul from up high so I went despite it being a prime couple-love-love-dating-romance destination.

It was suuuuper cloudy though so the view was a bit crappy.

All around the tower there are these railings that people (couples) have put locks with their names on as sign of the loving devotion to each other. Which is nice :)

The best part of the tower has to actually be the teddy bear museum, not even kidding. It’s not old, musty bears. It’s bears dressed up in little outfits and some move and it was adorable and I want to live there.

Then I went up to the observation deck and then went back to the hostel and wallow in self-pity. This is what I would do with my boyfriend:

Korean adventures. in Korean.

Korean adventures. in Korean.

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